Use of Snail Slime in Human Skin Care

The selection of cosmetic products for effective skin care is not an easy task.  Every now and then, the solution which is long sought after a particular dermatological problem like wrinkles, acne, skin irritations, hard-to-heal sores, would come from quite an unexpected source, namely the garden snail or Helix Aspersa Maxima species, which besides being a pest in agriculture and delicacy in France, is also a unique source of health and beauty, recognized by thousands of dermatologists all over the world.


Image: Camco LTD

1. Snail slime is comprised of approximately 82.7% water, 14.6% & proteins, 0.8% fats & 1.7 mineral substances & rich in specific ingredients, improves the metabolism of the skin leading to hydration, regeneration, skin structure rehabilitation, elasticity improvement, complexion uniformity, and protection against infections.

2. Snail slime contains 7 biologically active substances such as allantoin which accelerates collagen production and rejuvenates skin; glycolic acid that helps to remove dead skin cells that clog pores;  antibiotics that destroys bacteria and other sources of acne that often cause inflammation; Vitamins A, C and E that enrich and soften the skin; and collagen & elastin  which prevent the formation of wrinkles and maintain skin tone.


Image: Camco LTD

3. Snail slime has a beneficial influence on facial skin as anti-aging, apparent slowdown of skin aging process, dynamic hydration, and shortening the time for cellular regeneration.


Image: Yoshikazu Tsuno/Tokyo Salon

4. Happy snails are raised in bio farm with high sanitary standard and in a humane way.  Their secretions are collected with special technology that causes no harm to the snails.

5.  Now Victoria Beauty has the pleasure to present you the new line of 100% natural products for facial care with snail slime.