JAP precision-lash-curler

JAP Precision Lash Curler

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An essential tool for expert quality lashes, the JAPONESQUE® Precision Lash Curler is crafted with a narrow cage, to curl specific lash sections quickly and easily with a single squeeze. Curl just the outer eye or the entire lash, with perfect depth, curve and intensity. The sleek body is innovatively designed in durable plastic, while the soft, non- slip silicone pads ensure that the curler won’€™t pinch or pull. Free refill pads located within the curler handles!

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Product Description

  • Open cage won’t pinch or pull lashes.
  • Plastic handle holds silicone pad refills.
  • Narrow cage for detail curling.

Designed with the professional in mind, JAPONESQUE® beauty products are precision crafted, using only the highest quality materials. Preferred by celebrated makeup artists and beauty professionals worldwide, JAPONESQUE® products are an essential for the beauty enthusiast who desires expert results.

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