Returns Policy


You may return a product for replacement within 10 days of it being dispatched to you. Please see the requirements below:

  •  Original Condition
  • Delivered to a UAE address and is being returned from within the UAE.
  • Evefit is not responsible for any postal charges.
  • Please note that we only provide replacement, of same amount.

Please send your return to the following address: Evefit Cosmetic Trading Shop No. 16, M1 Floor, Al Sayegh Centre Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi, UAE Tel. No.: 02 666 9616



Natural Consultant and the Company mutually agree:

That the Company appoints the Natural Consultant as a sales person for Evefit and Victoria Beauty products.

  1. That nothing contained in this agreement shall constitute the Natural Consultant an employee, agent or partner of the Company, nor as having, expressed or implied any authority to assume or create any obligation or liability on behalf of or in the name of the Company.
  2. That this agreement shall continue until terminated and may be terminated by either party at any time.
  3. That the Natural Consultant will receive a trade discount on Evefit Cosmetics Trading recommended retail price. The Natural Consultant discounts will be automatically deducted from to their order and payment.
  4. The Natural Consultant has no right to change the Suggested Retail Price (SRP) from Evefit price list.
  5. The Natural Consultant can purchase directly from with delivery charges apply or can come directly to our office.
  6. The Natural Consultant will be given personal CODE; this code will be used for purchasing and discounting purposes either online purchase or directly from the office.
  7. The Natural Consultant acknowledges that the business transaction shall be conducted, on a cash basis or credit/debit card.
  8. There are no quotas to meet selling Evefit products, but Natural Consultant need to place an order every 2 to 3 campaigns or per quarter to stay active, or else your account will be deactivated automatically without purchasing within 3 Months.
  9. That the Company reserves the right to vary trading terms without prior notice.
  10. That the Company may levy a reasonable administration fee where additional costs are incurred by the Company directly as a result of payments being withheld.
  11. That the Natural Consultant shall use its best efforts to enhance the image of the Company and the products of the Company.
  12. The Company shall at all times have the absolute right, in its sole discretion, to immediately discontinue or suspend the Natural Consultant’s account. The Company shall, in the event of such right being exercised, provide the Natural Consultant with 10 (ten) days’ written notice of such discontinuation or suspension (as the case may be) and the full balance then owning by the Natural Consultant to the Company shall immediately become due and payable on demand.
  13. The Natural Consultant indemnifies and holds the Company harmless against all claims, fines, penalties, action, proceedings, judgments, damages, losses, costs, expenses or other liabilities caused, whether negligently or otherwise, by the non-observance or non-compliance by the Natural Consultant in terms of this agreement.
  1. No agent or employee of the Company has the Company’s authority to alter or vary these conditions either by an oral or a written understanding or promise given before or after receipt of these conditions and no alteration, amendment, variation or consensual cancellation of these conditions shall be of any force and effect unless reduced to writing and signed by the Natural Consultant and a General Manager of the Company.
  2. Should the Natural consultant purport to attach any conditions to or in respect of any business conducted from time to time which vary, amend or are in conflict with a condition set out herein, then notwithstanding anything to the contrary stipulated by the Natural Consultant, the conditions set out herein shall prevail and be of full force and effect, unless specifically varied in writing with specific reference to the Natural Consultant’s contrary documentation in accordance with clause 1
  1. No act or omission of the Company shall be construed as a variation or waiver of any of these conditions.
  2. The Natural Consultant acknowledges that: the Company does not authorize the use of the postal facilities for any payment/s to be made to it in terms hereof and all documents and other matter including cash, cheques, bank drafts and other remittances sent to the Company through the post shall be deemed not to have been received by the Company unless and until they are actually delivered to the Company by the postal authorities and all risk in and to such documents and other matter shall be at the risk of the Natural Consultant until actually delivered to the Company;
  1. Ownership of all goods supplied to the Natural Consultant (and notwithstanding the delivery thereof) will only pass to the Natural Consultant against payment of the whole of the purchase price thereof, pending which ownership therein shall vest exclusively in the Company.
  2. Goods ordered/supplied shall be at the Natural Consultant’s risk as soon as it/they is/are delivered to the Natural Consultant.
  3. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion at any time, to discontinue the supply of any goods and/or to amend the specifications thereof.
  4. The Natural Consultant acknowledges and understands that all information of a personal nature is submitted by consent. In the event that the Natural Consultant accepts to submit any personal information, the Natural Consultant is aware of and accepts that such information shall be used by the Company for market research purposes only and shall in no way be used to discriminate against the Natural Consultant or any person in any manner whatsoever.
  5. The information of the Natural Consultant shall be stored by the Company in the strictest of confidence and as required by law and shall not be disseminated to any third party without the consent of the Natural Consultant or unless required by law. The Natural Consultant is hereby informed about and expressly lends his/her consent to the incorporation of his/her information in the Application Form forming part of this agreement and the use of his/her information for the ends stated herein.
  6. The Company shall not, under any circumstances whatsoever, be liable to the Natural Consultant or any other person for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of profits or special damages or any consequential loss or damage arising from any whatsoever.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions contained on this application and acknowledge that all business conducted with the company will be conducted in terms thereof.